Manchester United and Liverpool Play in Smoke Free Casino in Biloxi

Manchester United and Liverpool Play in Smoke-Free Casino in Biloxi

The Manchester United and Liverpool soccer teams played each other in an exhibition game in Biloxi, Mississippi on Saturday. The game was played in the new MGM Park, a smoke-free casino.

This was the first time that a professional sports event was held in a smoke-free environment in Mississippi. There was some concern that the lack of smoking would adversely affect the atmosphere in the stadium, but those fears were unfounded.

The game was attended by over 18,000 fans, and the level of excitement was palpable. Both teams played well, and Manchester United emerged victorious with a score of 2-1.

There was no shortage of excitement off the field either. MGM Park is part of a larger development that includes a new Margaritaville Resort. Fans had a chance to enjoy the restaurants and nightlife at the resort before and after the game.

The success of this event shows that smoke-free casinos can be a viable option for hosting professional sporting events. It is clear that fans do not mind not being able to smoke inside the stadium, and it is likely that more events like this will be held in future.

Casino Biloxi To Offer Smoking and Non-Smoking Sections

Casino Biloxi announced that as of October 1st, smokers and non-smokers will have designated areas in the casino. The smoking section, which is located on the first floor near the entrance, will be for smokers only. The non-smoking section, which is located on the third floor near the buffet, will be for non-smokers only.

“This is something we’ve been considering for a while, and we think it’s the right thing to do for our guests,” said Casino Biloxi Senior Vice President of Operations Greg Christopher.

Christopher said that signage will be placed throughout the casino to make sure guests know where they are allowed to smoke and where they are not allowed to smoke. He also said that the casino will provide designated smoking areas outside of the building for guests who want to smoke but are not allowed to smoke inside the casino.

The decision to create separate smoking and non-smoking sections in Casino Biloxi comes after several other casinos in Mississippi made a similar decision. In February, Beau Rivage Resort & Casino announced that it would be creating a smoking section and a non-smoking section. And in March, Gold Strike Tunica Resort announced that it would be creating a smoking section and a non-smoking section.

When asked why Casino Biloxi was making the change now, Christopher said that “the winds of change are blowing” and that more and more people are asking for nonsmoking areas in casinos.

Casino Biloxi to be Smoke Free Starting Tomorrow

Smoking will no longer be allowed at the Biloxi casino starting tomorrow.

This change comes as a result of the Mississippi smoke-free law that was passed in 2013. The new law prohibits smoking in public places, including casinos.

The Biloxi casino is one of six in the state to implement the new policy. The others are the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Bally’s, Gold Strike Tunica, Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast, and Silver Slipper Casino.

A spokesperson for the Biloxi casino said that they have been working on transitioning to the smoke-free policy for the past few months. They are now ready to implement it across all of their properties.

The spokesperson also said that they believe this change will be good for their employees and guests. It will create a healthier environment for everyone and will also help to reduce litter.

Smoking Banned in All Casinos in Biloxi

Smoking has been banned in all casinos in Biloxi as of September 1, 2018. This includes gaming areas, casino floors, and hotel lobbies.

The city of Biloxi unanimously passed the smoking ban ordinance in February of this year. The ordinance went into effect on September 1 and violators could face fines of up to $500.

City councilman Felix Gines said that the goal of the ordinance is to create a healthy environment for both employees and customers in the casinos. Gines also said that he hopes the ban will help to attract more families and non-smoking patrons to the casinos.

The Coast Casino Company was the first casino in Biloxi to comply with the new ordinance. All other casinos have since followed suit.

Smoking is still allowed in designated areas outside of casino buildings.

Mississippi’s Only Smoke-Free casino

Riverside Casino in Lula, Mississippi is the only smoke-free casino in the state. It’s an entertainment destination that offers slots, table games, and a variety of eats and drinks.

The casino has been smoke-free since it opened in September 2017. The decision to make the casino smoke-free was made after feedback from customers who said they didn’t want to be around smoke while they were trying to enjoy themselves.

Riverside Casino is proud to be the only smoke-free casino in Mississippi and looks forward to providing a great experience for all its guests.